Heroes for Houston

 Heroes for Houston is a way for us to support our families who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath by doing what we do best – helping families battling childhood cancer in their greatest time of need.

Houston has been a hero for so many of our families, it is our turn to be a Hero for Houston.

Because of your generosity, we were able to grant $10,000 to our families in the days following Harvey. Your support provided 20 families with a $500 gift to ease the financial stress of having a child with cancer and dealing with storm recovery.


Now that the flood waters have receded and people in the Houston area and entire Texas Gulf Coast region try to regain normalcy and rebuild, here is what we know about our Heroes4Houston families :

  • 70% were impacted by Hurricane Harvey while also having a child under the age of 10 battling cancer.
  • Over HALF lost both their home and car in the storm.
  • 1/3 lost their jobs due to Harvey.

With people shifting their focus to help communities in need from the storms following Harvey, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has become one need on a list of many. Our families still need our help.

You can be a Hero for Houston and help families who were already in need, in their greatest time of need. When you donate to Heroes for Houston, we can get financial assistance to our families within seven days. Houston families need your help more than ever.

Will you be a Hero for Houston?