Laptops for Love

Laptops for Love

Laptops for Love donates new laptops to adolescents and young adults battling cancer. This unique program provides them with a link to the outside world while undergoing cancer treatment, and allows them to keep up with their school work while away from the classroom.

Why do adolescents and young adults need laptops?

  • Allows families to create websites to keep loved ones informed of their child’s progress.
  • Gives older children the chance to continue with schoolwork.
  • Provides them the opportunity to stay connected with friends through social media while in isolation.

In Loving Memory of Jordan Morgan

Laptops for Love was created in loving memory of Jordan Morgan. Jordan courageously battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia for two years. During Jordan’s treatment, he was isolated from friends, family, and school. Jenny and Andrew Scott, Allie’s parents, lived on the same floor of the hospital at the time of Jordan’s treatment. For more than a week, Jordan’s mother borrowed the Scott’s laptop for his use. Seeing that Jordan’s family didn’t have the means to get a laptop, the Scotts decided to purchase a new laptop for Jordan. Doctors and nurses reported the change in Jordan’s attitude–he sat up more in his bed, began speaking more to others, and communicated with friends. Jordan’s memory is carried out each time a laptop is donated to a child. It is in his memory that this program continues.

For more information about the Laptops for Love Program, please contact Morgan Funk, 214-256-5824 ext. 6

Laptop applications must be made through the hospital social worker. If you are a family member wanting to request a laptop for your child, please speak to your hospital social worker.