Family Social Programs

Not only were monetary blessings given by Heroes, they also provided social events for us and our family.  They helped us to see that there can be moments of fun amidst the turmoil you experience at such a time.  We loved the Valentine;s Dinner and the Movie Day!  These events were moments where we could be us, without the ugly world of cancer hanging over our heads.  It was good to be among other families going to through similar situations and to see them smiling and enjoying the moment.  I think that is what Heroes taught us with those events – to enjoy the moment!  And so it is because of what they have done for our family we want to pay it back/forward to other families in the area.  That they might also be able to enjoy the moment with their sweet little ones.”

-Parent, recipient of assistance from HFC

Heroes for Children provides social family programs and events to support the parents, children and family as a whole.  These events allow parents to not only have much needed relaxation time away from the hospital environment, but to interact with other parents going through the same struggles.  These also allow the whole family the opportunity to relax, to celebrate, and to laugh.

If you would like to participate or volunteer for any of our family social programs, please call or e-mail Morgan Funk,  214-256-5824 x6