Heroes for Houston

 Heroes for Houston is a way for us to support our families who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath by doing what we do best – helping families battling childhood cancer in their greatest time of need.

When Houston has been a hero for so many of our families, it is our turn to be a Hero for Houston.


Though it is still early and there are a lot of unknowns, we know the need will be great. Here is what we do know:

      • The roads to Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Center are completely flooded.
      • Outpatient treatment and surgeries have been cancelled.
      • Some children are in shelters or damp locations with compromised immune systems.

This means that families are either traveling to other cities for treatment or postponing treatment, ultimately putting an even bigger financial strain on the family.

You can be a Hero for Houston and help families who were already in need, in their greatest time of need. When you donate to Heroes for Houston, we can get financial assistance to our families within seven days. Houston families need your help more than ever.

Will you be a Hero for Houston?